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The Compass, 10/19/19

posted Oct 20, 2019, 6:45 AM by Charles Hamm   [ updated Oct 26, 2019, 10:33 AM ]

Monday’s recognition of Indigenous People’s Day left us with a four-day week. Add the day off because of trees down across the school’s driveway, and we ended up with a three-day week. One would imagine that there might not be much to report. We still had a full week of activities despite losing a couple of days. 

     Seniors took part in an all day College Summit at the ICC with Jessica Woods. They worked on applications, FAFSA materials, and essays. While seniors were at the ICC, other students were taking the PSAT. All the while, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Van Dis organized and led a beach cleanup with middle school students. 

     Thursday was a wildcard with the big windstorm. We began the morning with a two-hour delay. The ferry wasn’t running initially and the early morning light revealed debris strewn roads. School was officially cancelled for the day when several trees dropped across our driveway. 

      By the time Friday rolled around we were ready for our annual Open House and Harvest Festival. The dinner had to be moved inside due to left-over weather from the storm. Turns out, the Kinnicutt Center provided a warm and dry venue with live music. Breaking bread together as a community strengthens our bonds and renews the commitment to keep ICS thriving as an important facet of Islesboro. 

     Special thanks go to class advisors Meg Britton and John Van Dis. Additional gratitude goes to our band on stage; John Oldham, Natalie Oldham, Mike McFarland, and John Kerr. We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the fine work of Ms. Arla Casselman. She taught her students how to make delicious cider donuts that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Our students, parents, and a multitude of other busy hands made for a lively evening. Thank you all so much. 

     Next week our grades 6-12 will attend hour long sessions presented by a Pen Bay Medical Center representative on the dangers of vaping. We feel it’s important to stay ahead of these serious issues and exercise proactive approaches in guiding our students towards healthy lifestyles. 

     As always, thank you for supporting the Islesboro Central School families and staff.


Chuck Hamm 

Head of School