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The Compass, 9/27/2019

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One of the greatest luxuries of being a small school is the fact that we can be flexible and take advantage of an opportunity in real time. Instead of having our weekly all school meeting in the gym, we jumped at the chance to take the whole school to Maddie Dodge Field to cheer on the Eagles in a soccer match against Vinalhaven. The game ended after the first half because of thunder and impending storm clouds. We were losing 4-0 and missed the opportunity to even the score. The team traveled to Vinalhaven later in the week and won 3-0. Our students played honorably and represented ICS with good sportsmanship and fair play. Well done, Eagles!

     If you are a parent, you may receive a call from the Head of School. It’s a check in of sorts. Being a small school, we can afford to touch base with each family, seeking feedback and assurance that we are continuing to provide the excellent education you have all come to expect. We do not ride on our laurels. Staff continually strive for excellence by setting high expectations and putting in place the supports every student deserves. 

     An exciting event being planned for next week’s all school meeting is a paper airplane contest. Hosted by our Bio-Inspired Design class, we team High School students with Elementary students, in pursuit of the perfect airplane. It’s a collaboration of mentoring, science, and craft, culminating in a school-wide learning experience that will surely be fun.

     The student-led Civil Rights Club has been busy and will present a proposal to the School Board next week. They have been researching the need to create gender neutral bathrooms throughout the school. Their advocacy will help create learning environments that are safe and affirming for all students. It’s as simple as changing the signage and educating students. ICS has single occupant bathrooms and expects to make this change soon after Board approval. 

     As always, we hope you follow us on Instagram at icspathways. For those who do not have an Instagram account, there is a direct link on our school’s website homepage.       

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