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The Compass, 12/14/19

posted Jan 11, 2020, 11:32 AM by Charles Hamm


This week’s high point was our Winter Concert. Students performed to a full house. Standouts included grades K-3 train costumes, combined band performances, and solo vocal performances by students from several grades. When students experience the support of their families and the community, as they did at the concert, their confidence soars. It is often the synergy of the entire community working together that makes ICS such an incredible school. On behalf of our students, thank you all for joining us as we showcased an incredible array of skill and talent. 

     Staff took part in a serious training session regarding suicide awareness. It is a state-required mandate. We support training of this nature and welcome expanding our understanding of this serious topic. Our administration and counseling staff are working diligently revising our emergency response plan. Working in tandem with local officials and emergency response teams, it will better prepare ICS if tragedy strikes. 

     Basketball has kept our student athletes very busy lately. We’ve experienced both wins and losses. We cannot underestimate the benefits of student participation. Happily, our athletes are known for showing wonderful sportsmanship, regardless of outcomes.  

     As the holiday season continues, we wish all our readers contentment and happiness, as well as a healthy, and prosperous new year.


Chuck Hamm 

Head of School