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The Compass, 10/05/2019

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Every year, we try to focus on a central theme. This school year, we are reminding students, staff, and readers, to be kind. It’s a small word with a simple message. Be kind in all that we do. We can often see kindness in the quickest of glances. A student getting out of lunch line to grab a napkin and pick up some food spilled from another’s tray is a great example of kindness. Taking a knee when a fellow soccer player gets hit hard and falls, is another. Seeing “good morning” on the sidewalk, written in chalk, always brightens the start of the day. We witness kindness all day long at ICS and can easily take it for granted. Let’s be intentional with kindness. Let’s practice it, recognize it, call it out and name it when we experience it. Our school is a better place for it. Please join me in celebrating kindness on the daily.

     We’ve been prepping for the paper airplane contest and had an all school meeting, where we tested designs, cheered each other on, and flew lots of paper! It was heartwarming to watch Littles and Bigs supporting each other in spirited competition. One of the most magical aspects of ICS is that we have grades K - 12 under the same roof. Collaboration across curricula and grade span is easily scheduled. 

     Congratulations are in order for Middle School teacher Peter DiLalla’s students. Last spring, our current seventh graders took part in a writing contest through Young Writers. The theme was Survival Sagas: Mission Catastrophe, and students were only allowed 100 words to tell their story.

     Five students had their stories selected to be published in a collection entitled Mission Catastrophe- Stories From Maine. These students are Finnegan Calderwood, Hailey Leach, Ayla Fuller, Rosalind Brimley and Marley Kormann. Congratulations!

They are allowing the other students to get their stories published too if they send in a revised version of the story. Young Writers will send the school a copy of the book too.

Lastly, we are pleased and proud to announce student bathrooms will be gender neutral soon. The School Board voted unanimously, in agreement to the Civil Rights Team request. 


Chuck Hamm 

Head of School