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The Compass, 9/7/2019

posted Sep 14, 2019, 6:57 AM by   [ updated Sep 14, 2019, 2:13 PM ]

Welcome to the Head of School’s weekly memo, renamed The Compass. Here, you can read about the recent happenings at Islesboro Central School. Additionally, we publish press-worthy articles in local newspapers that readers can find on our school’s website. For instance, you may read about one of our teachers, Kristen Kelley, as she has recently been recognized by Yale University as an Educator of the Year. Or perhaps you will get caught up on John Van Dis’ recent grant, supporting water testing in our bay. 

ICS is a busy place with much to boast about, every. single. day. Our first week, albeit, a short one, was no exception. We have quite a few new faces this year, as outlined in our last posting. Let’s focus a bit and recognize the newcomers. Imagine the courage it takes to move your entire family to an island off the coast of Maine. Whether they are traveling from Western Maine or Arizona, the move takes a certain amount of gumption. And our community is better for it. Also, try to envision the grit a 13-year-old possesses to ride the ferry as part of her commute to school that takes over an hour each way. To all our newcomers-welcome and thank you in advance for adding to the diversity and strength of our little school. 

Let’s pause a moment and acknowledge all our staff who dedicate their time and energy working at ICS. “Working” is the wrong word. The folks who show up every morning live a certain lifestyle that requires a central focus on other people’s children. They open their hearts to students in pursuit of excellence in an often overlooked and underappreciated occupation. Teaching in particular, is generally an exhausting performance, and demands that a person teaching be vulnerable, super quick on their feet, flexible, and optimistic in the face of criticism. Driving a school bus full of antsy children, another example, is not for the faint of heart. Every role is vital in delivering a strong education. An occasional pat on the back can go a long way. 

ICS is cranking on all cylinders this year. It can be witnessed in the classrooms, on the field, in the studio, band room, boardroom, and cafeteria. Islesboro itself is in the midst of a strong upward trajectory that is exciting to be part of. We continue to focus on excellence in education with a few side notes of outreach, fundraising, and joyous celebration. Several staff are focusing on dovetailing their efforts with existing organizations on and off island. Please reach out to us if you would like to volunteer or can offer some insight regarding how we can better serve the community. 

Yours in education

Chuck Hamm