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The Compass, 9/14/2019

posted Sep 14, 2019, 2:01 PM by Charles Hamm   [ updated Sep 14, 2019, 2:13 PM ]


We have been experiencing a typical week at ICS, full of excitement and activity. The vibe is contagious and full of promise. Meetings of every sort are occurring, soccer is well underway, and everyone is settling into the school year smiling. 

     We’re expanding our school-wide mentoring program to include triads made up of Elementary, Middle and High School students. It was wonderful to see all three groups of students sitting together on the gym floor, enjoying a performance by Four Shillings Short. This week the class of 2021 hosted a wonderful spaghetti dinner/fund-raiser. Students from Bowdoin were visiting at the time and were delighted to have a nice meal with the greater Islesboro community. 

     Mr. Van Dis represented ICS at the Islesboro Energy Conference. We will work with the Islesboro Energy Team in  continuing efforts to develop a K-12 Sustainability curriculum. The solar array is just about finished and will provide rich learning experiences for our students. A ceremony is being planned to flip the switches. The public will be invited to join us in celebration. We are proud to be producing 40% of our electric needs through clean solar energy. 

     The week was rounded out by the Head of School attending a conference hosted by Drummond and Woodsum attorneys. Many new laws are flooding schools and it is important that ICS keep abreast of any changes that would affect policy and procedures in our Maine schools. Most notable are changes in how we support students with disabilities, protect privacy, and the total ban of all tobacco and related devices from campus. We strive to continue providing excellent services and will evolve as needed. 

     Staff and students at ICS have joined forces with ReVision, our solar installers, to send supplies to the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. More information on this initiative may be found on our Weekly Compass and Recent News tab. In closing, please consider donating supplies to our initiative to help the people in the Bahamas. Our deadline is Thursday, September 19th. 


Chuck Hamm