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The Compass, 10/26/19

posted Oct 29, 2019, 3:05 PM by   [ updated Nov 3, 2019, 9:09 AM ]

    We hosted a photographer, Amy Wilton, this week. She was back by popular demand and spent the better part of Tuesday with us. Amy will surely have loads of great photos to share. Health and Wellness coach, Barbara Crowley, gave a round of presentations on the dangers of vaping. Middle School and High School students were very receptive to learning more about this dangerous trend. 

     A significant change in this year’s routine is the expansion of our All School Meetings from once a month to once a week. Our Dean of Students, Meredith Diamond, is the architect of the change and by all accounts, the weekly meetings are having a wonderful influence on the culture of the school. At the meetings we always celebrate small and large events alike. We also have reading time, view slideshows, and enjoy presentations by students on topics ranging from the dangers of social media to civil rights initiatives within the school and beyond. During next week’s meeting we will roll out our expanded mentoring program in which we have created triads of three students, one from each of our three school levels. Jenny Roberts, our K-5 school counselor, has led this initiative in collaboration with Lindsay Dakers, our MS/HS counselor. 

     Flu shots were provided to any and all takers on Thursday. We are in the midst of flu season and encourage everyone to stay healthy and practice good hand hygiene. 

      Looking ahead to next week, students will see a Lifetouch photographer on campus Monday, following up with their annual photo shoot. Thursday is Halloween and will provide much excitement with various fun activities and costumes galore. It’s a big event in a school housing Kindergarten through grade 12. As in years past, the 31st is a half day for students. Staff will gather together in the afternoon for some important and required professional development. 

     ICS is in the thick of the school year with seven weeks behind us and lots to look forward to in the coming months. As always, thank you for your continued support.


Chuck Hamm 

Head of School