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After school support

posted Jan 11, 2016, 10:20 AM by Unknown user
Good afternoon,

We wanted to let you know that we will be offering  K-6 after school support at our school from 12 - 3:00 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week during our Midterm/Staff Professional Days.  Students in Grades 7 - 12 may participant as peer buddies to the younger students.

Any K-6 student who wishes to stay after school may do so with a note from your parents.
Any 7- 12 student who wishes to assist and to stay after school may do so with a note/verbal from your parents.

The idea will be to partner K-6 students with 7-12 students for the afternoon with adult supervision in a variety of activities.

All students who stay after will be provided normal, bus transportation and will be dismissed at the normal time. This includes going to the 3:30 ferry.

Ms. Hanna and Ms. Judy will be in charge with older students offering peer support in the following activities:

1) Outdoor play (weather permitting) so make sure your child has appropriate snow pants, hats and mittens. Plus indoor shoes.

2) Gym time - Activities mixing younger and older students in supervised play.

3) Arts and Crafts

4) Study Buddy activities - older kids working with younger kids with reading or math activities

5) Mini-movie time

6) Snack

The only two items we need from you are the following:
A Confirmation - in an email or a note that you would like your child to attend.
A Healthy Snack/Drink Donation

Transportation will be as normal for those students staying after school until 3:00 to their normal drop off places unless directed otherwise by adults.

Please let Ms. Knight know if you have any questions or would like to support.