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Accessing your child's grades online

posted Oct 18, 2013, 1:37 PM by rmartin@islesboro.k12.me.us
This past summer, staff members were trained on how to create an online grade book.  Through the current data management system called Rediker, we were able to create classes, identify students and grade levels and begin to learn how to import grades into this system. There may be hurdles in the future so thank you ahead of time for your patience.
To that end, the staff will be importing grades on a weekly basis with some assignments and projects falling into the "NG" - not graded category or the "WIP" - work in progress category.  But there should be ongoing, accurate grades for you to view on a weekly basis.
For parents, as you view this information,  begin with a conversation with your own child first.  They will be able to give you some insight to how this grade reflects the current situation in that particular class. I realize there is a strong impulse to email staff members immediately and get "right on it". Hold off.  Feel comfortable giving the responsibility of following up to your child and giving them a chance to fix the issues and adjust their behavior. This is a good life skill for them to practice and utilize.  Build the trust and give them a chance.
You will be receiving an email in the next 24 hours prompting you to sign in to ParentPlus, also known as PortalPlus. Your students will be receiving the same email at their school email addresses. The link provided allows you to access from online tutorials to teach you about the information you will be viewing in the portal.
Going forward if you have any issues, please email Ms. Nicole or Ms. Krysti with questions you may have.