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11/5/19 SB Minutes

posted Nov 18, 2019, 12:19 PM by Melissa Burns

Islesboro Central School Department

School Committee Meeting

Tuesday, November 5, 2019—6:15 p.m. in Ms. Kristen’s Room



  1. Call to Order and Roll Call 

Chloe Joule called the meeting to order at 6:16

SB members present: Chloe Joule, John Gorham, Melissa Jagger, Nakomis Nelson. Absent: Bill Kelly

Others in Attendance: Supt. Chris Downing, HOS Chuck Hamm, Jack Schlottman, Karen Betts, Judy Smith, Betha Howell, Meredith Diamond, Maggie Wilcox, and students Ava Schlottman and Abi Martin. 

Jack Schlottman, Kate Legere, Melissa Burns, Jesse Burns,

  1. Approval of Agenda / Adjustments to the Agenda

Motion to approve and add/adjust coaches to agenda by Nokomis Nelson (NN),  second by Melissa Jagger (MJ), all in favor

  1. Approval of Minutes of 11/05/2019

MJ points to a name spelled incorrectly; adjusted; John Gorham (JG) moves to approve, Second by MJ, all in favor with NN abstaining.

NN moves to adjust agenda allowing students to present next, Second my MJ, all in favor.

  1. Presentations - Class of 2020 trip presentation Abi and Ava shared several handouts outlining the upcoming Senior Trip to Croatia and Italy. JG discussed the importance of opportunities to serve while traveling. JG added he looks forward to a safe return and a presentation. MJ inquires if all students had passports and visas. Abi reports they “have it covered”. 

  2. Correspondence - None

  3. Recognition/Celebration: ReVision Solar, Open House/Harvest Festival

  4. Open Session - Karen Betts asked if she could read aloud a prepared letter. Chloe Joule (CJ) denied the request and suggested Karen pass out copies of the letter to all in attendance. Karen passed out copies. The letter expressed Karen’s belief that the email response HOS Hamm sent her was deficient in explanating several of her concerns. Karen questioned the need for last year’s counselor to continue taking the ferry back and forth to school, an AD that she understood was part of the Dean position, and that the school was too small for such a large team of administrators. NN commented that this has been the plan for several years. MJ thanked her for the letter and for expressing her concerns. Betha Howell added a summary of how ICS identified the need for two counselors. JG reviewed some of his recent findings regarding taxes and the budget. Jack Schlottman clarified that he and other parents requested Jess Woods to continue on in support of senior post-secondary planning seeing as she was already familiar with the seniors and had strong relationships with them. The decision was unanimously supported by the school board. Jack thanked Cuck and the school board for their support in keeping Jess as a temporary advisor to the senior class. Karen continued with a comment re: poorly organized School Board Minutes on the ICS website.


  1. Reports:  

    1. Chair-None

    2. Head of School-Chuck highlighted the previous month in his report and pointed to his weekly Compass (found on the ICS website) for weekly updates on ICS.

    3. Superintendent-Recent MSMA conference was very beneficial to Supt. and HOS. 

    4. Dean of Students-Meredith Diamond shared a Powerpoint outlining her progress this school year. Some of her successes include the BARR grant, developing positive school culture, managing school schedules, and supporting multiple school-wide initiatives. 

    5. Committee Reports

      1. Policy - Did not meet

      2. Facility - NN reports out-Several aspects of focus include; gym floor, roof, building envelope, stage curtain, and hot water use in the summer. Facility committee feels the Town budget could absorb some of the expenses given the relationship between the Town Office and School budgets. 

      3. ADH - Nothing to report

      4. Region 8- JG gave a summary of the fantastic new facility despite some disagreement re: the perimeter fencing. A long punch list still exists before the Region 8 complex is finalized.

  1. Unfinished Business

    1. BARR grant- Meredith is pleased to report that we do have an initial confirmation.

    2. After School Activities and Programs-MJ reports collaboration with school officials is going well. Pickleball is occurring a couple of times a week and participation is gaining momentum. 

    3. Camden National Bank has $1209.48 in Islesboro Teachers' Scholarship. $0.00 money has been deposited or removed for many years. HOS suggests a motion to transfer funds to Maine Community Foundation Islesboro Teachers' Scholarship Fund where it will earn more interest and be used.

NN moves to follow Sally’s suggestion to transfer the aforementioned monies, second by MJ, all in favor. 

  1. New Business

    1. Appointment: Jesse Burns as Middle School Basketball Coach, Joshua Pedirick as Boys Varsity Asst. Coach, Cami Richards as Girls Varsity  Coach

NN moves to acknowledge appointees for coaching, MJ second, all in favor

    1. Dark Harbor 20 Sailboat-Chuck reads aloud portion of the letter he wrote to donor Mr. Truslow, stating “We understand the boat is to be used to support our education mission.” “Furthermore, ICS has no intention of selling the vessel or using it for profit at any time.” Some discussion re: possible uses of the boat. Further discussion re: Pathways. As an aside, JG invites student Abi Martin to present to the school board, her experience as a Magnet student the past eight years. No action taken on sailboat. 

    2. *Open Fuel Bids-One bid from MM Fuel, discussion re: propane use and possible large tank storage might save money. 

Motion my JG to accept fuel bid, second by MJ, all in favor

    1. Monetary donation re: Playground- Betha Howell shared a handout and talked attendees through a large project that will revitalize outdoors spaces on campus. Through a generous from Franklin Beard of $25,000, the Ansley Bell Memorial fund of $5,570, and a private donation of $6,000, ICS will install new playground equipment, a living willow dome, an outdoor classroom, an embankment slide, fitness trail, and much more. Some lively discussion followed ewnding in recognition of Betha’s hard work and efforts. 

  1. Other Business: MJ recognized how well bussing is working out with the Recreation department.  Requests Curriculum and Magnet Committees meet soon. 

  2. Executive Session: as per 1 M.R.S.A §405(6)(A) - Employment of Employees

8:05 NN moves to go into Executive Session, second by JG, all in favor 

  1. Public session at 8:40

NN moves to have Chloe fill out Waiver Form from the DOE that will waive the additional year necessary for Chuck to serve as Superintendent, MJ seconds, all in favor

  1. Adjournment MJ moves to adjourn, second my NN, all in favor at 8:45

Respectfully Submitted

Charles R. Hamm

Melissa Burns,
Nov 18, 2019, 12:19 PM