Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:

In order to graduate from Islesboro Central School, students must acquire a total of twenty five credits. The distribution of credit requirements is listed below.


ENGLISH 4 CREDITS shall be required in a comprehensive program which includes

reading comprehension, literature, written, listening and oral communication skills, the structure and uses of the English language, and research and reporting skills.

 SOCIAL STUDIES 3 CREDITS Social Studies, including US History and Government/Civics – 3 credits

 FINE ARTS ONE CREDIT in Fine Arts shall be required which may include arts, music, humanities, or drama. Fine Arts may be provided through separate or integrated study and may include awareness, appreciation, or performance of the art form.

 MATHEMATICS THREE CREDITS in mathematics shall be required. It is highly recommended that all students have exposure to basic algebraic concepts and skills. Algebra is viewed as a gateway subject that offers students a better understanding of the technological world in which they live. Algebraic skills are – and will continue to be – a prerequisite to a diverse and broad range of courses and occupations. Accounting may be used to meet the third year of math requirement provided the student has taken Algebra I and II or Algebra 1 and Geometry.

 SCIENCE THREE CREDITS in science instruction shall be required for graduation. These courses may be Environmental Science, Physics, Biology or Chemistry. Horticulture classes may be taken for science credit.

 HEALTH EDUCATION ONE CREDIT in health education shall be required. Health education shall include instruction in community health, consumer health, environmental health, family life, growth and development, nutritional health, personal health (including mental and emotional health), prevention and control of disease (including education on AIDS) and disorders, safety and accident prevention, which may include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and substance use and abuse, including the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics.

 PHYSICAL EDUCATION ONE CREDIT in physical education shall be required. Physical education instruction will promote physical wellbeing, self-esteem, self-awareness, sportsmanship and interpersonal skills. This requirement may include, but not be limited to: physical fitness, fundamental motor skills and patterns, adaptive physical education, individual and group sports. Physical education may include special physical education, movement education and motor development.

 COMPUTER APPLICATIONS ONE CREDIT in computer application will be required of all students. This course will cover an introduction to the primary application of computer including word processing, spreadsheets, accounting, graphics, database management, and communication as well as introduction to programming in BASIC.

 GRADUATION PROJECT/PORTFOLIO ONE CREDIT (1/4 credit per year) with a focus on the student’s four years of high school. In addition to a community service component of 20 hours or 5 hours per year, students will be responsible for the organization and maintenance of a comprehensive student portfolio. There will also be two job shadowing experiences, one of which should occur during the student’s senior year; this requires that the student explore a potential career opportunity.

 AWARDING OF CREDIT credit will be awarded on a semester basis for the purpose of encouraging students to maintain passing grades throughout the year. A student will receive partial credit for the semester that he/she passed and no credit for the semester he/she failed.

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