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Vision Statement

Islesboro Central School Vision Statement

Adopted- April 8, 2008   

    Islesboro Central School, serving students kindergarten through twelfth grade, is essential to the life of the Islesboro community. The community and setting offer unique resources that enrich the education and experience at Islesboro Central School. The school is a source of music, art, and culture for residents of all ages to enjoy. Islesboro Central School builds on the traditional island values - self-reliance, civic-mindedness, neighbor-helping-neighbor, tolerance, ingenuity, conservation, and stewardship - to prepare its students to be productive in the global world of the 21st century. 

    Each Islesboro student experiences personalized learning, created with the participation of the student, teachers, and parents. While mastering the expectations of the Maine State Learning Results, each student is also supported in pursuit of their personal passions. 

    Each graduating Islesboro student is prepared with the social and life skills necessary to succeed in the next phase of life, wherever that may be. These skills include the ability to communicate confidently and effectively; to be self-reliant; and to continue to learn in academic, work, and personal settings. 

    Islesboro Central School embraces the philosophy that education can happen virtually anywhere. Education happens beyond the walls of the classroom and the school; therefore ICS encourages and promotes learning in a multitude of settings. Through this, Islesboro students gain an understanding and appreciation of the natural world, and develop a strong ethic of environmental sustainability and stewardship. 

    Each Islesboro student learns about and values the diversity of people, places, cultures, and experiences of the wider world. Islesboro and its school offer a unique learning environment and will attract students from Maine and beyond. Islesboro Central School welcomes these students and their families, and nurtures and sustains a strong magnet program. 

    Each Islesboro student is trusted, respected, and supported by a broad learning community of teachers, staff, parents, community members, and students. All members of the learning community make themselves accessible to the extent possible in order to support each other. 

    Accountability is part of Islesboro's learning culture. Students are accountable for being actively engaged in meeting their learning goals. Parents are accountable for supporting their child's learning. Educators and staff are accountable for creating an exciting and productive learning experience. The administration is accountable for promoting, advancing, and leading the implementation of the vision. The school board is accountable for establishing policies and procedures that realize the vision. 

    Learning throughout our life is part of the island culture. Community members, parents, educators, and staff model this behavior for future generations. All educators are immersed in the pursuit of professional excellence, and the school community expects and values the attainment of ongoing professional knowledge. 

    Technology's most important function within the school is to enhance student learning. The learning community is technologically literate and uses this resource responsibly and respectfully. Technology is not a substitute for personal interaction, learning content or developing critical thinking skills. 

    Recognizing that the challenges faced by the Island are interrelated, the Islesboro Central School community supports the broader efforts of island residents to plan and maintain a vibrant, year-round, sustainable community. Islesboro Central School and the Island community enrich and support each other; together, they create a vital place where people can live and learn for their entire lives.